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Hearing Aids Pittsburgh

We are pleased that you have stopped by Pittsburgh hearing aids to see what we are all about. We see patients everyday in our office who have come in for help with their hearing care needs. We can help you with our exceptional service and expertise. We offer hearing aids, custom earmolds, ear protection, and assistive listening devices.

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About Hearing Aids Lincoln NE

At Pittsburg hearing aids, we value our patients and we know that it can be hard to make the step to purchase hearing aids. You might be overwhelmed and need help deciding which hearing aid brands are best and if low cost hearing aids are good enough for your type of hearing loss.

Do you wonder what hearing aids are best? And how much are hearing aids? At Pittsburgh hearing center, we are here to help you answer all your questions. Our hearing care specialists Pittsburgh Pa are highly qualified to help you with your hearing healthcare needs. Our goal is to help you get the best hearing aids at the best price.

We have served the Pittsburgh community and neighbors for many years and have helped our patients navigate through the ever changing world of hearing aid technology. This is a great time to purchase hearing aids. Digital hearing devices have become more automatic and have more features to help you listen in difficult listening environments. New technologies can mean higher hearing aids cost and greater benefits.

Our hearing care specialists Pittsburgh Pa will help you decide which hearing aids are best for your individual type of hearing loss.

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Why Choose Pittsburgh Hearing Aids?

Have you been searching for hearing aid stores near me? What about finding a hearing specialist near me? Have you been reading about hearing aid reviews and want to find out more about the different types of hearing aids? Look no further. We are the clinic you have been searching for. Our patients have given us the greatest compliment by coming back to us year after year for their hearing care needs.


  • We value our patients
  • We deliver quality service through the effort of every staff member
  • We treat everyone in our diverse community with respect
  • We educate you about different hearing aid styles and technology
  • We help you understand the signs of hearing loss

We have helped so many people in our vast Pittsburgh community over the years. We are grateful for our patients and their families and we always look forward to helping them anytime we can. We appreciate the role we are able to play in your hearing healthcare. We are here to help you navigate through the world of hearing loss.

Call us today to schedule a free hearing test Pittsburg with our audiologist Pittsburgh Pa. We look forward to seeing you!

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What To Expect

We love our Pittsburgh hearing aids team. We respect each other and feel like we are family. We hope that when you walk in our doors that you will feel the same way about us. You are the most important member of our team and we want you to be happy with the time that you have spent with us.

Our patients often tell us that they feel like they were treated in a courteous and professional manner. We try to make you feel at ease by answering all of your questions and being transparent about hearing aid prices and costs of service and repairs. When you ask, ”How much is a hearing aid?” We will honestly talk about costs and what hearing devices will be the best for you. We believe that integrity is important!

When you come in for your appointment, we will sit down and talk about the causes of hearing loss and the different types of hearing loss. You will be given a hearing test where you will hear a series of tones and you will be instructed how to answer. After your test, our hearing aid doctor will go over the audiogram with you and talk about your particular hearing loss and which type of hearing aids you will need.

After we have discussed your needs, we will order your hearing devices. When you come back to receive your hearing aids, your hearing aid audiologist will spend time helping you get acquainted with your new devices.

Hearing Aid Styles

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Hearing Aid Services

At Pittsburg hearing aids, we offer a variety of services to help you with your hearing healthcare needs. We offer the following:

Quality Hearing Devices

You can choose from a range of different brands, styles, and technology. The higher the technology, the more a hearing aid costs.

Top of the line hearing aids are equipped with bluetooth, come with smartphone apps, have tinnitus masking features, binaural technology (the hearing aids communicate with each other), digital noise reduction, and data logging.

Hearing Loss

How do you know if you have a hearing loss? Call our audiologist or hearing aid specialist to schedule a consultation.

They will help you by asking questions to determine how you hear in different listening situations.

You will be given a test to see if you have a loss and then they will help you on the road to better hearing.

Hearing Aid


We offer hearing aid repair Pittsburgh in our clinic.

Our hearing care specialists Pittsburgh are trained and qualified to fix minor repairs. If we are unable to repair it in the office, we will send it to a lab for major repairs.

This usually doesn’t take too long and you should have your hearing aid back within a week or two.

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

We will clean your hearing aids, change the filters, and use our equipment to get your devices back to good working order. We also offer earwax removal.

If you have excess earwax, it can hinder how your hearing aid works. So it’s important to have heavy wax removed.

Our audiologist Pittsburgh can help you if you have an earwax problem.

Hearing Screening and Consultation

When you come in for a hearing test, we will have you sit in a soundproof booth and put on some headphones. You will hear a series of tones at different sound levels. When you hear the tones, you will push a response button. You will also hear a list of words at different sound levels and repeat the words that you hear. We also do some other types of measurements to take into account your canal shape and size. After the test, we will go over your audiogram and discuss your individual type of hearing loss. This will help us determine what types of hearing aids are best for you.

Hearing Aid Programming

We will program your hearing aid to fit your individual hearing loss.

A hearing aid programmer can adjust things like volume, sound intensity, maximum power output, and noise reduction.

You may have to come into our office a few times for different adjustments. It’s good to wear your hearing aids for a few days after programming to see how you do in different environments.

If you need changes, then you can come in and have your devices adjusted.

Customer Testimonials

I searched for hearing aids near me and hearing tests near me and found Pittsburgh hearing aids had the best price for my budget. They were very accommodating when I told them I was on a budget.

jackie l

My wife was looking for an audiologist near me and after reading rave reviews, we decided to try Pittsburgh hearing aids. The hearing aid programmer did such a great job programming my hearing aids. I love how they sound!


When I walked in the door to get a hearing test Pittsburgh Pa, I was warmly welcomed with a smile by your front office person. She was so friendly and treated me with respect. I will be coming back when I need help again.


About Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is the second most populous city in Pennsylvania behind Philadelphia. It is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers football team and the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team.

The largest employer in the city is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with over 48,000 employees. Education is also major for the economy in the region. The largest single employer in education is the University of Pittsburgh, with over 10,000 employees.

Bike and walking trails have been built to border many of the city's rivers and hollows.

There are several museums and galleries as well as an aquarium and a zoo.

The cities near Pittsburgh include:

  • Oakland
  • Downtown Pittsburgh
  • Mount Washington
  • Highland Park
  • Mt. Lebanon
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when choosing a hearing aid?

Your lifestyle and budget will determine what kind of hearing aids to buy. Your hearing aid specialist will ask you several questions about your hobbies, work and home environment, and social life. This will help in choosing the best hearing aid for your lifestyle. The higher your lifestyle, the more options you may want on your hearing devices.

Can I use a smartphone app for my hearing aids?

If your hearing aids have bluetooth, then they can connect to your phone. With this app, you can control the volume, phone calls, check battery life, stream the tv, computer, and phone to your hearing aids.

How do hearing aids work in noisy environments?

When you are around a lot of background noise, it’s hard to hear. The latest hearing aids have technology that can minimize background noise and use directional microphones to focus on the sounds you need to hear.

How do I take care of my hearing aids?

Do not get your hearing aids wet. Remember to take them off when showering or swimming. Make sure to keep them clean and change the filter and battery on a regular basis. Getting them cleaned professionally at Pittsburgh hearing aids will help keep your hearing aids cleaned and maintained. This will ensure that they keep working at their best.

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We hope that you will choose Pittsburgh hearing aids as your hearing healthcare providers. We have served the community and surrounding neighborhoods for years and we want you to be a part of our hearing health community. We love our city and the wonderful people of Pittsburgh. We value our patients and their families and want to be the place that you come back to year after year for all of your hearing needs.

Call us today to schedule your free hearing test Pittsburgh. We can’t wait to help you hear what you’ve been missing. Come in for the best hearing aids Pittsburgh Pa!

Hearing Aids Pittsburgh

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